What good is a payment plan if it isn’t enforced?

It is always recommended to get a financial arrangement or payment option agreed to with a signature and a copy to the patient.  This is good for collections and the patient understands what is expected of them.  Now here is the problem with this.   The patient usually doesn’t pay unless you ask them for it at the time of service.  This is a no brainer right?  

 Collection attempts on unpaid accounts shows that a large number that are in delinquent status had signed financial agreements.   The arrangement is only half of the job.  You must collect the agreed co-payment/deductible or balance by saying, “Patient name, your agreed upon payment today is $250.00.  I will be happy to take your payment by cash, check or charge.  Which is your choice?”

This is a frustration for many dental practices when they have to hire a collection agency after repeated attempts to be paid have failed.

Because it is important to be positive with the patients in your office and if your office is small overhearing patient collection calls can be offensive it is recommended that you outsource collections to a third party for better results.  The responsible party sees that you really do want to be paid and are more willing to pay a professional collector that the health care provider.

eAssist is a billing/collection specialist that can handle your collections with professional finesse.


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