Word from the CEO- Change

James V. Anderson, DMD, CEO eAssist Dental Solutions

Change is the rule of human existence—not the exception.”

We’ve all been growing and changing since the day we were born.  I don’t remember it well, but I can imagine that it was difficult for me, at twelve months old, to learn how to muster up courage and the motor skills to set one chubby little foot in front of the other—taking my first steps and then collapsing into the arms of my mother.  But I did it! I changed from a crawler to a walker.

The fifth grade was a difficult year for me.  I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say I was sent to the principal’s office nine times before the year was over.  But in the 6th grade, everything changed. I changed! It was painful, but I adapted to my circumstances and learned new social skills, communication skills, and study skills that moved me from remedial coursework to the advanced group.  My teacher, Mr. Mills, made all the difference. He was an excellent coach. He believed in me. He showed through actions that he loved me. However, I still had to learn, adapt, and change. I had to grow and progress—no one else could do it for me.  It was my responsibility.

The first time I had a disagreement with my wife,  I realized that I had to change. Yes, the toilet seat should not be left up!  I had to learn how to remember to always close it and keep it tidy. My parents never cared about that.   Growing up with 3 brothers, they didn’t care either. But Andrea was right! Thankfully I didn’t resist her new idea and adapted.  It took time, but it became easier and easier. I learned with gratitude.

In a recent Harvard Business Review article entitled, “Stop Using the Excuse Organizational Change is Hard” (by Nick Tasier), The author suggests that “Change is hard in the same way that it’s hard to finish a marathon.  Yes, it requires significant effort. But that fact that it requires effort doesn’t negate the fact that most people who commit to a change initiative will eventually succeed.” I believe that wholeheartedly.

Most of us are biased AGAINST being-able to succeed at change, the author of the article suggests and then supports this conclusion with University studies.  Whenever we say “change in hard”, we continue to promote this idea that if we succeed at change, it must be a rare exception.

Nick continues, “The good news is that we can address this problem simply by flipping the script.”  He sites another University study that shows that if we prime those changing with reminders that most change efforts (like learning how to walk, ride a bike, social skills, etc) are successful that we can completely eliminate the negative bias towards change.

Most change efforts are successful!  We have all been adapting to new environments and learning new skills since the day we were born.  Change is the rule of human existence—not the exception.

eAssist must continue to adapt whenever we see execution issues, communication issues, expectation issues, and customer satisfaction issues–among other things.  By doing so, we will succeed.

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #127


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