Word from the CEO – Why it is Important to Build Your Brand

By: James Anderson, DMD, CEO eAssist Dental Solutions

What makes you stand out in a crowd of dental practices?  When asked this question many dentists say “clinical excellence” or “kind and caring staff.”  While these are great attributes they are expected by your patients and are not necessarily what keeps patients returning.

Building a brand is not an overnight accomplishment as I have found with building eAssist Dental Solutions.  It takes discipline and very hard work in a consistent and determined fashion.

Say you want to be known as the best provider of cosmetic veneers in your dental community.  It would require more training and more doing to become excellent.  Gather a few patients or staff with the results that you feel are the best and show them off on your website and social media.  Do some talks in the area at Senior Centers or local schools, churches and health events.  Even consider doing an infomercial.  Your focus on improving lives with improved aesthetics will slowly brand you for this cause.

Keep supporting your brand idea and ensure with communication that your employees and others representing you understand the brand promise.  Let it slowly and steadily seep into the community. Branding success happens slowly, not all at once.  Persistence pays off.

When eAssist was created, I knew it had to be the best insurance billing solution for dentists nationwide or it wouldn’t survive.  It is critical that we hire the most qualified billers in the industry to keep our promise of lowering the accounts receivable and keeping them low for our clients.   Keeping the promise we monitor daily our results and push for accountability from our Account Managers all the way to the top, myself.

Our brand is growing on a solid foundation of success and I am so thankful for all that work hard to keep it on the right path.

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #112


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