Word from the CEO- It Takes a Team to Fly Solo

Solo practice is the way to be the master of one’s destiny but it is not always the way to master one’s bottom line.  In today’s world the new dentist entering the workforce with high student debt and limited resources find it harder to buy an existing solo practice and or fund a start-up.  The dream of the solo practice is on the minds of many dentists working in corporate settings across the nation.

Many startup dentists hire the wrong people because they are inexperienced in recruitment and need to save money.  The other mistake he/she makes is signing up for every PPO and HMO that their markets allow to boost the practice and fill the schedule.  With limited understanding of how dental insurance is billed and claims are appealed the new dentist and his/her under experienced staff are facing a minefield of unpaid and denied claims.  Where is the money saved?

The inspiration to start eAssist was born when I lost my super star office manager and struggled to find a replacement as the accounts receivables went higher each month.  Yes, it was very difficult to find quality people who knew about filing and appealing dental claims and also knew how to manage the remainder of the practice duties daily with finesse.  According to labor statistics there was a shortage of trained dental business personnel all over the country.  My thoughts were to create a national pool of qualified people to service the accounts of doctors everywhere thus never being without staff to manage the insurance revenue of the practice.  After six years of building eAssist I have never looked back.  The best talent works for eAssist and they come from all over the U.S. to create the largest pool of office managers and insurance billing experts that you will ever find.   In today’s ever changing world of insurance claim management it takes a team to fly solo.

By: James V. Anderson, DMD, CEO eAssist Dental Solutions

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #104


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