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Jaycee Brown

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Word from the CEO- Valentines Day

We talk a lot about love at Valentine’s day more than any other day on the calendar.  I wanted to share a message from a wonderful eAssister, Tammy Friedman Lebo. She is writing about helping a client in a very thoughtful loving way and I felt it befitting of Valentine’s Day.   

Dear Dr. Anderson and Sandy,   I think you both know the passion and love I have for eAssist.  I recently took on a small office that, to say the least, was in such a mess.  Struggling and seriously the doctor was near giving up. I think God seriously put me in this office’s path.  There was a plan and I feel so blessed that it was me that was part of His great plan. This doctor is young in his practice and had such a deficiency in understanding of business and insurance and how to grow, run and ensure his office remained healthy and solvent.  He is a servant leader himself, in his community and everything he does. Amazing integrity and work ethic. In the short time, he has been in the eAssist family as a client, he has seen that there is hope, that he now has the support to allow him to do what he does best and let us take care of him.  He is the most appreciative, kind person and calls me his pilot. Sandy, we talked about this a lot today on our call. The part that I am so excited to tell you both about is what I witnessed tonight at my home. My husband, and his brilliant business mind, spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with this doctor, answering questions about marketing, practice ownership, building a practice, and the best thing of all, I heard him say not once but numerous times, how fortunate this doctor was to have found eAssist.  It brought a few tears. I’m so blessed to be part of this amazing company. I am so loyal and dedicated to what we do every day, and to hear that my husband sing the praises of the company I love so much was heartwarming. I’ve done many things in my long career in this crazy industry, I’ve seen it all, and had many triumphs over the years, but my very favorite time spent will always be what I get to do now. Help a doctor that so deserves the very best. We are taking a trip to visit him sometime in the next week or so; I’ll do some training with his newly hired, no experience front office team member, that he finally felt confident enough in his future to hire (before he and his brother was doing everything themselves), and this makes my heart full.  We have a “forever client,” he sings our praises to everyone he knows and I am so fortunate and blessed to be part of the journey. –Tammy

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #132


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