Writing to Position Yourself as an Expert

Do you have something to say?  Do you read articles and say, “I could have written that!”  Or “They don’t know what they are talking about?”

Nothing is stopping you, but your own lame excuses so pick up your pen and start writing or jump on your keyboard and get those fingers moving.  From some experts in the field the following is some sage advice to get you going and after awhile you too will be able to give advice on the process.

  1.  Use Google to start your research of your subject.  Look for the most current articles or posts about the subject and note the author because you are going to want to google the author too.   Follow the links within the article for more information to substantiate the information.  Don’t just paraphrase someone else’s work—delve into your own experiences with the topic for a relevant story.
  2.  Follow your research article’s author in LinkedIn checking their followers and influencers to see if this person is the right fit for your story.  You don’t want the famous horse trainer to weigh in on raising organic chicken.
  3.  Go to colleges or universities to get professors or teachers to share their knowledge.  Most are more than happy to share.
  4.  Check into professional organizations or trade journals that serve the industry that you are writing about.
  5.  Try to avoid redundancy by quoting the same people everyone else does.  It is reassuring to quote someone everyone knows but much more intriguing to find another expert who is brilliant but rarely quoted.
  6.  Ask an expert for a case story or about their direct experience on the subject of your writing or speaking.

Good luck and happy writing.


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