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Amanda Cross

Marketing Manager

Your claims could be losing you money

Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks With Your Cash Flow

For many offices, insurance payments account for 50-60% of the practice’s total cash flow. That means when claims are not submitted properly — you are losing money

Not properly verifying a patient’s insurance each time they visit the office is taking an unnecessary gamble with your finances, and ultimately the success of your practice. Why take that risk with your money? Correcting these claims on the back end will result in a delay of payment, as well as time and attention diverted from patient care.

Let’s take a look at the most commons reasons that a claim is denied:

  • Insufficient or incorrect information on the claim
  • Coverage limitations on the plan
  • Internal office data entry errors
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Pre-authorization not obtained when necessary per plan guidelines 

How many of these surprise denials are preventable? All of them

By properly and thoroughly completing an insurance verification, all of the unexpected denials you receive could be reduced to zero. eAssist Dental Solutions guarantees you will know all of the necessary information prior to the patient’s appointment so you can confidently show the patient an accurate treatment plan, collect their estimated copay on the date of service, and reduce the amount of surprise denials and unexpected patient balances. 


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