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4 Ways Your Practice Can Give Back to the Community

There are few things more gratifying for dental practice managers and accountants to watch as business continues to move in a positive direction. Success is exciting to say the very least, and plays a crucial role in the longevity of any business—it’s also a sign that it’s time to start giving back to the community. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to give back that are not only good for the community at large, but your practice, too.
Ready to thank the people who have supported your business thus far? Here are four ways your practice can give back to the community in 2018.

1. Offer Pro Bono Services

One of the best ways for a dental practice to both build a name for itself and also give back to the community is to offer its services free of charge (pro bono). It may be in the form of free dental care for the less fortunate, or perhaps even lending accounting services to a community-based organization that operates on a shoestring budget. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to notify local publications about what you’re doing—it’ll help get the word out and build visibility for your practice.

2. Make a Donation

At the end of the day, many organizations really require financial assistance more than anything else. Making a donation to an organization in your area is a great  way to boost PR for your practice as well as make a real difference in the community. Plus, there are a number of tax advantages that come along with making charitable donations, so be sure to review the code carefully before making any decisions.

3. Volunteer at a Local Charity

It’s not always possible to make financial contributions to area businesses or organizations, but most people can at least find the time to volunteer. Donating 10 hours or more to help out at a local charity is not only admirable for you and your staff, but can be a great way to get to know others throughout the community. The more time you can offer, the greater an impact you can make.

4. Hold a Contest

Looking to expand your practice’s reach while also giving back? Why not hold a contest that takes place on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram? It’s an excellent way to expand your audience, as well as encourage a conversation with followers while also offering a prize in return.
Giving back to the community doesn’t have to be overly expensive or time-consuming. So get out there and thank your supporters!


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