Who is Accountable for Insurance Claim Appeals and Follow-up?

by Nina Olson, Regional Manager

Dentists look at the end of the day charges and deposits.  Making sure that what was completed is charged out and what are the collections so that the bills can get paid.   Of all the reports that can be generated by the typical computer software the production and collections are the two that most dentists look at if they actually look at daily reports.

Being accountable for making sure the charges and the collections balance at the end of the day is the responsibility of the Business Coordinator or the Office Manager depending on the definition of the job duties.

If the practice is accepting PPO insurance and assignment of benefit or if they are in network for several PPO plans it is important that this report is looked at daily, weekly and monthly for total amounts of outstanding claims that are aging past 30 days.  The dentist(s) seldom or never ask for this report.

If the insurance aging report is discussed regularly, it will become priority to the Business Coordinator to make sure claim status is current and everything is being done to get the claims paid.

Insurance aging accounts receivables is one of the most neglected areas in 90% of dental practices.

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