Accounts Receivables Over 90: What’s The Big Deal?

I can’t tell you how many times I put homework off until the last minute in high school. Things like sports, personal relationships, and family time seemed so much more important to me that it was easy to not only forget about homework, but I even felt justified in my procrastination. Ultimately, when I left homework until the final moments before turning it in I usually was not happy with the results.

Dental insurance claims and patient accounts are very similar. With dental offices focusing on primarily patient care and customer service, it feels justifiable to let claims go unpaid for extended periods of time. But sooner or later, just as it is with your high school homework, you won’t be satisfied with the results if you keep putting it off. If unpaid claims go over 90 days there is a much higher chance that you won’t get paid at all.

Many insurance providers have limits of up to 365 days post the date of service before they stop accepting claims for that service. This creates a small window through which you have to act fast to get the money you’re owed.  If your office is already spending time and effort on patient care it is exceptionally difficult to manage these 90 day account problems.

You may wonder why you’re not getting paid faster or just aren’t collecting on your accounts receivables. Your payments might get to you slower as a result of unpaid claims going over 90 days, making cash flow an unpredictable mess. If you find that you are having these struggles, or maybe never considered the importance of accounts receivables over 90, it may be time to set some goals and evaluate where you’re at with your collections.

eAssist is a dental billing company that helps get your unpaid claims from 90 to zero. This not only helps you get paid faster but also improves collections and cash flow overall. Again, much like homework, unpaid claims going over 90 seem to take a backseat to what you feel is more important, but you will always suffer the consequences of putting it off.  

If you find that your dental practice is struggling in this area, contact eAssist today. We can help you with the dental billing expertise you need to stay cash positive with 100% of your accounts, and give you the peace of mind only profitability can provide.


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