Jaycee Brown

Jaycee Brown

Director of Communications

Being A Better Leader

Being a better leader means investing in the best parts of yourself as well as others. Keeping in touch with the employees under your care is your best bet to getting your practice to run more efficiently and profitably.  On top of this, it also means constantly striving to do better, whether that means finding new talent or improving upon something you’ve done for years. The best managers will ask themselves the same questions after years of experience:

How can I improve my management style?

Maybe you’re a bit too quick to reprimand a new employee, or too lenient on an invested one. The best management styles are adept at figuring out where you’re needed without having to have your hands in everything all at once. If a particular employee happens to take to new tasks quickly, offer them the opportunity to huddle with the rest of the team assigned to the task. Brainstorming ideas, allowing for creative freedom and creating a welcoming collaborative environment are the hallmarks of exceptional leadership qualities.

How can I make my practice run smoother?

There’s always an opinion about how to run a business better. You might have experienced this unsolicited opinion before, or thought of it yourself. Communication is exceptionally helpful in this regard, whether that’s speaking to your employees directly or having a meeting huddle where everyone can share their ideas. You don’t need to inundate your employees with “time to talk”, but keep the air open in case something needs to be discussed, and create opportunities where they can come to you with suggestions.

What do I realistically expect from my employees?

Do you find yourself more frustrated than usual for a particular project? It might be time to take stock of your expectations, whether that’s deadlines, the delegation of tasks, or simply asking your employees if they know what they’re doing. It’s the silly yet relevant saying: “If you don’t know what’s happening, you won’t ever know what’s happening”; make it a point to frequently ask questions of yourself and others regarding work projects, status, and updates.

Managing a dental practice shouldn’t be difficult, but a collaborative effort between you and your team. When everyone is working together, you’re all working smarter.


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