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Sandy Odle


Better Dental Hiring Practices

The contemporary dental industry is one of the fastest growing in the dental space. After years of stagnant growth in skills and profit, dentistry as an all-encompassing career is exploding. There are many options for individuals to showcase their skills in this space, whether as a dental biller, office manager, or front office employee. 

As a result of all this growth, hiring rates and practices have increased exponentially, allowing for practice managers to pick the perfect candidate for any position with ease. Yet with all this talent comes great responsibility in choosing someone who will remain and retain the training you give them, so creating a proactive hiring plan is essential.

While the age-old questions of experience and customer service apply, there are some new tips and tricks for you or your hiring manager to practice when interviewing or soliciting a new employee:

  • Ask about their knowledge of issues in dentistry.
    This might be a curveball question, but your potential recruit might just have the perfect answer for it. Being up to date on the trends, pitfalls, and current events in the dental industry space is an important part of being able to recognize and solve industry-specific problems.
  • What is your managerial style?
    For managers, this is perhaps one of the more important questions. Have them detail out a small “roadmap” of how their brain works relative to managing a team. Are they inherently supportive and accountable or do they wait until there’s a real problem to fix it? Is there something specific they can relay to you as an example of this? Hiring someone with experience is a plus, but hiring someone with a plan is much better.
  • What attracted you to dentistry?
    Whether you’re hiring a manager or front office assistant, this question should remain the same. Efficient dentistry in any space requires years of training and on-the-job experience. It’s not “some office job”. Coordinating the goals and experience of your potential employees is going to be your best bet in finding someone willing to grow versus stagnate.
  • What do you want us to do for you?
    On top of the “what can you do for us” question, this one is also relevant and important to the employee you’re trying to hire. This question ensures that your practice comes off as inherently supportive, putting your hire at ease and better equipped to answer the question.

Hiring new talent isn’t always easy, but you can make the process smoother by specializing your questions and making them relevant to the position you need filled.


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