Jaycee Brown

Jaycee Brown

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What is the Biggest HR Issue for Dental Offices

A recent independent survey of 50 plus general practices revealed the following as the most important HR issues in today’s world.  Survey says:

  1. 37%   Retention. Turnover in dental practices is too common.  Keeping good employees can be a challenge when there is demand for qualified dental workers.  It is easier to move on than to try and negotiate a peaceful solution.
  2. 35%   Training and compliance.  Training new employees and monitoring their work is time consuming in an already strapped for time practice.  Poorly trained employees contribute to errors, lost revenue, patient complaints, low staff morale and eventual repeated turnover
  3. 18%   Discipline.   Enforcing policies and rules in the practice takes special training which many dentists and office managers don’t have making discipline difficult to execute.
  4. 8%   Health and safety.  Employee absenteeism for various health and personal issues plaque practices.  Having a source for qualified temporary workers is important as is systems in place wherein a temporary worker can easily transition into the position.
  5. 2%   Recruitment.  Recruitment is an issue and is the result of poor staff retention.  Which position in your practice has the most turnover?  Analyze why or get the help of a professional dental consultant to help with this issue.   Create a written job description with accountability to success.  Provide a written Employee Policy Manual to help the onboarding process for the new hire.  Assure them of adequate training and support in their new position.  Do not hire and throw them into the job with a “sink or swim” attitude.  This breeds failure and turnover not job success.


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