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Budgeting for Peace of Mind in Dental Claims Submission

Financial accountability in your dental practice does more than simply net you more profit, it allows you to see what happens with every dollar that comes into your accounts. Many dentists have an employee or two who are dedicated to the task of dental billing, but at the cost of customer service representation. Finding the right company to outsource your claims to isn’t easy. Everyone’s budget is strained during the holiday season, but it can be helpful to look for problems in your claims submission that you can fix in 2021.

Roadblocks to financial success

As you look at office resolutions for the new year, don’t ignore your dental billing department. Even if you don’t always get to personally see your patient claims, the money that is owed to you by insurance companies doesn’t change. Your front office employees can tell you the problems they face in collecting from insurance, and we can bet that there’s a pattern when it comes time to consider outsourcing:

  • Hours spent on the phone with insurance companies
  • Weeks to months old claim submissions with no resolution in sight
  • Frequent claim denial due to submission errors

It’s not the fault of your employees that insurance policies are changing on a near daily basis. No one has time for dental billing and patient care. Your staff has an obligation to your patients just as much as you do, so pave the road to success by taking away their undue burden.

How much do dental billing companies charge?

The cost of outsourcing your dental billing doesn’t need to be astronomically high. Most companies prefer percentage-based payment that scales with your insurance submissions. That way, if you’re a bigger practice or group, you’ll inherently net more simply based on the claims cleanup process. Instead of claims hanging in limbo, they’re credited to you properly.

Outsourcing your dental insurance claims

If you’ve ever thought about outsourcing your dental billing before, it might seem like every company wants to help, but also wants your money. Between hidden fees, start up fees, and contracts, it seems like the maze of rules you’re made to adhere to aren’t really helping you at all. When shopping around for any service, you only want the best of the best, not what’s cheap and mediocre. Here are some questions to ask your potential dental billing partner:

  • Do I have to sign a contract?
  • What if I want to cancel my service?
  • How quickly can you get started managing my claims?
  • Do you have guarantees for your service?

Committing to dental accounting excellence

Any dental billing company should know that they’re not here to replace your employees, but to help them in becoming the best versions of themselves for your practice. When you invest with a partner, you’re not looking for a replacement, but a trusted source of committed work. By outsourcing your dental billing, you’re investing in a future where your employees aren’t burdened by insurance companies, and can instead serve your patients in the best way possible.


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