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Jaycee Brown

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Contracts Signed, Process Tracked, Claims Paid—eAssist Credentialing part 2

In part 1, we went over the credentialing process and how eAssist can handle these needs for you and lessen your stress.  In this article, I will tell you about the process that is used to streamline the process and get it completed quickly.

eAssist has partnered with Dental Xchange to complete the credentialing process in one place and ensure that all companies have received the required documents to get your contracts completed.  With this service, you are able to submit as many contracts as you would like with insurances you want to be in network with all in one place. No separate calls, no printing of documents for each insurance. It is all done in one place!!!  Here is a list of the features it provides in order to complete the process:


  • DentalXChange obtains all contracts and required documentation for you from the networks
  • DentalXChange helps to streamline the process significantly by autofilling repeating information as you go through the contracts
  • DentalXChange provides logins for the doctor to e-sign contracts and review them online.


Once you have signed up for the credentialing, eAssist will handle all of your credentialing needs until it is completed with signed contracts.  Once the process is complete, the eAssist team will ensure that when posting your claims, that they are being paid as in network and will watch the eob’s that are scanned in for accuracy.  This in turn, speeds up your payment on claims and will reflect in your collections when claims are being processed accordingly.

So to summarize, if you are having issues with claims being processed and not paid properly it is most likely due to credentialing issues with the provider and the contracts.  If they are missing any information, this will cause delay in payment to your office. eAssist can handle all of this for you and bring in the payments that are owed for the services you provide.

Here is the link to the credentialing brochure with the contact information should you have any questions and we will begin the process to GET YOU PAID!

Here is the link for our services and how to contact eAssist to obtain our credentialing services: Credetialing-2

Resources: eAssist webinar/brochure


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