Dental Software Tip: Software Tip from Dentrix G-5, G-6

The New Patient or Emergency Caller

Use the Appointment Notes field in Dentrix to type in any notes that might be helpful for the rest of the team to know about a new patient or an emergency patient.

To access the Appointment Notes field:

  1. On the Appointment Information window, at the bottom of the box, you will see the Notes field.
  2. Click on the Insert Dateline tab. This will populate the Note with a date stamp.
  3. Type necessary information that is relevant to the staff and morning huddle.
  4. Once you finish typing in the notes, include a time and date stamp for the note with your initials, so the team will know who to talk to if they have additional questions.

Team members can use appointment notes in a variety of ways. First, when a scheduling coordinator calls to confirm the appointment, he or she can read the notes and assure the patient of the best care that will be given at the appointment. Second, when the team meets for the morning huddle on the day of the new patient appointment they can see the notes and make sure that the patient gets the attention necessary for the chief concern.  The notes should include the referral source of the new patient so that all can thank the referring patient. The notes will also remind the team of any fears or special requests the patient may have for treatment.

The Appointment Notes field can also be used with emergency patients. If the patient schedules an emergency visit, enter specific details in Appointment Notes on Dentrix, such as:

  • Upper right molar causing severe pain
  • Patient up all night

The notes will help every member of the team know what to expect when the patient arrives at the office for he/his appointment. The specifics of the case can be discussed at the morning huddle and the team will be ready to address her/his needs when she/he arrives.

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