Jaycee Brown

Jaycee Brown

Director of Communications

Your Dental Team is Your Marketing Team—Know Your Marketing Targets

The most important dental marketing strategy of all is getting your team involved in branding your practice. As a dentist, you are probably committed to continuing education but are you educating your team on the consumer benefits of choosing your practice? Does your team believe you need more new patients or do they view that as more work? Does your team understand the value of each prospective new patient call and do they believe in your services? Are they able to clearly and knowledgeably explain how great your practice is to a new caller? Remember, the person who answers the phone at your practice is the practice. Their enthusiasm about you, your practice and the services you offer will make or break your practice growth.

Today’s focus on better healthcare services indicates that many people will live longer than ever before and because of this will also need dental services long after they retire.  There are several differences in generations and each generation has views about the other that may or may not be true in all circumstances but are perceptions nonetheless.  Millennials(25-34) are working in dental offices in greater numbers alongside of generation x and baby boomers.  They often think that baby boomers are “old” and out of touch with what is going on.

If your demographics include Baby Boomers or “seniors” born between 1946 and 1964, be careful that you don’t treat this group like they are handicapped in any way.  The benefits would focus on looking and feeling their best and not focusing on “they aren’t going to want to buy the services because they aren’t going to live long.”  According to studies, 25% of this group are still working and don’t intend to retire.  Because of this I would rethink “senior discounts” because many boomers are not yet on a fixed income often associated with senior discounts.

The attitude of your dental team is paramount to the growth of the practice.  Include the entire team on practice management training and developing top notch customer service skills that apply across the generations.


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