How eAssist Changed My Life- Amy Rogers

amy-rogersMy story is a little bit different than everybody else’s in that eAssist has actually changed my life on two separate occasions. The dental office that I spent the past 10 years working for had hired eAssist to start working with our office in 2015. As the office manager of the practice, I quickly began to love the services provided by eAssist. I literally felt like eAssist was a blessing sent straight from Heaven! I now had the much needed time to spend with patients regarding financial arrangements and attending to all of the other office issues and daily responsibilities. I finally felt like I could breathe! As time passed, the doctor of the practice decided to discontinue services with eAssist. Once again, I was back in the same boat where I started. Exhausted, frustrated, and stressed. I was also dealing with a personal struggle at the time. My husband is a Commercial Airline Pilot and works out of town much of the time. We have 2 young daughters and often times I would feel like a single parent having to juggle everything myself while he was at work. I was quickly realizing our girls were growing up way too fast and I had missed out on so much due to my hectic work schedule. I loved my job, and I loved my family, but I constantly felt like I was letting someone down. If I took time off work that was an issue, or if I missed my daughters school events I felt like a bad mom. My husband would have days off during the week and I would be at the office. I was constantly missing out on family time. I decided since the office I worked for was going through so many changes, it was also time for me to make a change. I quit my job and loved every minute staying at home with my kids. I missed my job but the time with my kids was invaluable. That’s when I had the thought to apply with eAssist…and I got hired! eAssist has once again has been such a blessing in my life. I finally feel like I have the balance in my life that I had been searching for. On a professional level, I learn something new every single day. I have met some of the most amazing and knowledgeable people at eAssist. On a personal level, I am able to work from home doing the job I love. I am able to attend all of my daughters’ school events. I even have the option of traveling with my husband if I want to. I am not missing out on anything anymore, or being pulled in two different directions. For me, the balance between work and home is priceless!


  • I am so happy for you when I read this, I felt the same way of always letting someone down and missing valueable time. The gift of family time paralleling feeling successful in the field you love is truly unmeasurable.

    Glad you are apart of the eAssist family!

  • Life balance is very difficult to find when you have young children. As women, we want to be successful and as moms, we always want to be there for our children. It’s a lot of pressure, both internal and external. I’m glad you were able to let go of that stress and find a new path.Your family will thank you for it!!

  • Love your story and especially that you aren’t missing out on anything anymore!
    Your story makes me think you are as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.

  • Way to go!! Wonderful story.

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