How eAssist Changed My Life- Ashley Newell

Written by Ashley in first person.

I heard about eAssist from Rebecca Avey. I met Rebecca 8 years ago when I was becoming an assistant.
My son started going through a phase where every morning he would cry and tell me how he didn’t want to go to daycare and he just wanted to stay with me. It wasn’t just a normal cry either, it was a cry that would pull at my heart strings and made me think something horrible was happening at daycare. I reached out to Rebecca because I had seen her post on Facebook about working from home in the dental field and I wanted to see how she did it. She told me to go to eAssist and fill out the application, which I did that night!
Months went by and I never heard back from anyone at eAssist, and things started to get better with my son actually wanting to go to the babysitters. I had completely forgot about working from home! Then, in less than 6 months I received 3 phone calls from the babysitter letting me know that my son had fallen and gotten hurt to the point where I had to take him to the emergency room. One week after the second fall, which left him with a giant bump on his forehead and 2 black eyes for over a month, I received an email from eAssist with a potential job in insurance verification. I spoke with Patrycja and Jackie and started insurance verifying. Financially, it wasn’t enough to quit my day job, but it was a great stepping stone into the company. After working verification’s for about a month, I was given an opportunity to become an AM for 2 offices. So I put my 2 weeks in at the office I was working at.
My plan was to take my son to the babysitters for a few hours a day so he could get the social interaction he needed, and I could have a few hours of uninterrupted work time. Then I got the third phone call, letting me know that my son had fallen yet again and most likely needed stitches. I went and picked him up, took him to the ER, where my son was questioned if he felt safe at home since this was our third trip there, 5 hours and 8 stitches on his eyelid later we finally went home. At that point, I decided that he would just stay at home with me. If I wouldn’t have been given the opportunity with eAssist, there’s no way financially I would have been able to stay at home with my son.
eAssist has been the best thing that has happened to me and my family. I’m not stressed out anymore wondering if my son is okay in the hands of someone else, and my son has never been happier. I also have the flexibility to go do things with him and not have to burden coworkers by asking for time off.


  • Nothing like knowing your child is safe and sound, and not missing his milestones. Great story. Enjoy every minute.

  • What a blessing for you and your child! So glad eAssist was an option for you!

  • Love your story! It feels very similar to mine! So glad you can work at Hope! I wake up thankful everyday!!

  • It is a great story with a happening ending. Thank you for sharing.

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