How eAssist Changed My Life – Kelly Faiola

eAssist changed my life before I even knew what it was.

I was working at a large multi-specialty practice as the billing coordinator. I knew from the beginning that it was a “clean-up” job; they had over $1.000,000 outstanding over 60 days.  I love a good challenge, so I was excited to dig in. The hours were long, and as I got more and more claims cleared up, I was the sole employee for the billing department. I was exhausted, stressed out, and tired all the time. I think I was just starting to accept that this was my life.  One day, I came into the office and was told that the billing would be outsourced to a billing company and my position was being eliminated. I couldn’t decide if I was sad or relieved. I asked around a little bit to see what the company was about, and discovered eAssist. I thought that it sounded too good to be true, but after speaking with Devanee, I was so incredibly relieved to know that I could be a part of this awesomeness!

eAssist has allowed me to have an actual life. I have had a lifelong struggle with insomnia, and 5am wake-up times allowed me about 2-3 hours per night, leaving me exhausted all day. When I got home, I was too tired to do many of the things I enjoyed and my health was starting a downward trend. I am now able to work within a time that I choose and I can actually sleep. This allows me to be more productive, more energetic, and excited about life. When my kiddo has a school event or is sick, I can be there. I have been able to live a more well-rounded life that includes more than just trying to function on a daily basis. My health improved and we could explore beautiful Arizona! I can be happy, healthy, and productive, and there is no way I could ever begin to express how grateful I am that I found this awesome company!


  • Yay Kelly!! Hey boo. So happy to Gabe worked with you! Such a hard worker and deserve all the happiness in the world. ❤

  • How awesome! Thanks for sharing your story Kelly! eAssist = Balance!

  • That’s a great story.! I am very new to eAssist and Kelly has been very helpful with my questions and concerns; I have no doubt that she will be successful with this company.

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