How eAssist Changed My Life- Racheal Grant

Racheal Grant PhotoRacheal Grant has been immersed in the dental field her entire career life. Not only is it something she is good at, but it is truly a passion of hers. That passion was her priority until God blessed her with the beautiful chance to become a mother 4 years ago. Like most working mothers, the realization that she would have to leave her daughter to go back to work dawned on her. She says “Almost immediately all I could think of was not wanting to be away from my daughter when having to return to work, being there was no other option I continued to work for a corporate dental company, I dedicated many wonderful years and had high aspirations of climbing the ladder to make a difference.” Soon she became discouraged, the struggle of being overlooked and missing out on opportunities made it more difficult to want to continue down her path. Praying constantly, she was looking for a position that she could feel successful in as well as be able to spend time with her children and support her family. That is when God surprised her with a new opportunity.

Her stepmother stumbled into a random conversation with a passerby and by chance it was about a company called eAssist. Neither Racheal nor her stepmother realized that a short conversation about eAssist would change her life. After checking it out and applying, her life has not been the same since. Racheal says “eAssist has changed my life by providing unlimited time with my family, financial security, and a sense of success and affirmation in my abilities I have worked so hard to attain. I finally feel like my life is coming together with purpose and a plan.

Now with 2 children, she loves every minute of being a mother and fulfilling her career needs. She knows that she is supporting her family financially while creating relationships with her children. “I feel so wonderful being in a God driven company I no longer have the stress and constant concern I had in the corporate world. I know God answered my prayers that began 4 long years ago and I look forward to growing with and supporting the growth of eAssist and the amazing people I get to work with!


  • Beautiful story, beautiful daughter, beautiful mommy!

  • Amen sister. I hear ya. PTL! I am happy for you.

  • I am new to eAssist and this is very encouraging! I’m so happy for you and happy that I have found this wonderful company as well!

  • Very nice story

  • Love these “God Winks”, just a conversation turns into your path.

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