How eAssist Changed My Life – Sarah Hackney

sarah-hackeny-2I have been interested in the dental field since I got my braces in the 5th grade. I graduated high school early and decided to go to dental assisting school to learn the trade. I was hired as a hygiene coordinator prior to graduation, then became a treatment coordinator and then my world fell apart when the doctor I was working for after 5 years decided to leave the practice to go to a non profit dentist job to serve the underprivileged, which meant we were all laid off. She had a friend that was moving here to open the doors to Salina’s first Periodontist. I got the job and started learning a specialist side to general dentistry. I returned to the office after having our 1st daughter and 5 weeks later it was decided that I should stay at home with our daughter.

My husband knowing that was a dream of mine to be able to stay and raise our daughter (they are only young once), I would stay home til she was old enough to go to preschool.  When the time came I started working part time doing military dental events on the weekends. This was not enough to supplement the income much since they only performed these when the units got orders they were going to be deployed soon. Once my 2nd daughter arrived that was gone as my stubborn little girl refused bottles.
 I started searching work from home jobs and found work from home dental billing. “hmm” I said. “Wonder if this is legit”. I applied and that application was LONG, I had nothing to lose at this point I was desperate to find a way to make an income with the daughter that “latched” way too well. Not even a week after the application was submitted I received an email to set up a phone interview. I was thinking is this really happening….can I put my knowledge and schooling to use from home…I remember asking Devanee after the interview when I would know if I got the job and she said “you got it” I can remember jumping and dancing around after hanging up.
I have met some amazing people that have the same desire as I do and made lasting friendships with many. The opportunity for growth is beyond my wildest dreams. The people that I work with on a daily basis are some of the most genuine people I have ever met. You can’t find that many awesome people in 1 town.
 I like the comfort of working from home, the flexibility to be able to take my daughter to preschool and pick her up or volunteer in her classroom for parties and such. I can set time aside for myself to focus on me whether it be working out during the day to refuel or sitting down for 30 minutes to read a book while I go between offices.  I set my schedule (big bonus). My daughters like to go to the “jumpy house” it has become our Wednesday ritual and if I was stuck in an office environment I would not get to spend the amount of time I do with my daughters and miss milestones in their life. My husband enjoys it since he doesn’t have to request time off work to take the kids to doctors/dentist appointments since I am home. I can work remotely anywhere as long as I have my computer. The freedom to be able to go on family vacations or go to the lake and work remotely has become a favorite of mine during the summer.
I am so glad I found this amazing company and Dr. Anderson for having such a big vision and making it come true for all of my eAssist family.


  • Awesome Story Sarah = ) I am great full to have met someone like you.

  • Loved this!! So glad your apart of our team!

  • Glad to have the opportunity to be working with you! You are such a great teammate and hard worker.

  • You are pretty awesome! I share in your excitement and blessings. Glad to have you aboard one of the teams I am on.

  • So great to be home with your family and still add income. Loved your story. Thanks for sharing.

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