How eAssist Changed My Life – Tami Welker

Living in a small rural town, I have commuted to work 3-4 hours round trip each day for the majority of my career.  The dreaded commute alone was very stressful and wearing on me.  Between working 10 hour days and the long commute, I felt like I either lived at work and/or in my car, as I was rarely home.  My life basically consisted of work, drive, sleep.   I began my long journey of looking for something I could do closer to home.  I really enjoy the dental field, however I was up for a change if that meant I could work closer to home.  With much searching, I came across an ad on Craigslist for an opportunity to work from home with eAssist.  Even though I knew I was a qualified candidate having many years of dental experience and knowledge, I was skeptical, like most and thought it must be a scam as it looked to good to be true!  When I clicked on the link to apply, it was a bad URL, so of course it was exactly what I thought…..a SCAM!  After much research, I learned it was not in fact a scam but a true company so I then applied through the actual website.  I went through the entire process, testing etc and within 24 hours I received an email from Devanee for a phone interview and was placed on an office within a week.  I was excited!  eAssist has been a life changing experience for me in so many ways.  It has saved me the stress of driving as well as my health and has allowed me to stay in the dental field which I really enjoy.   Working from home allows me to have a more flexible and balanced life.  eAssist has allowed me the flexibility of making my own schedule.  If I have an appointment, I am able to work my schedule around it and don’t have to ask for time off as I am my own boss.  If I have to be out of my office for an extended period of time or am traveling, I am able to take my work with me.   I feel very blessed that I was given a chance and the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful company and work with such an amazing group of people.  I have developed long lasting relationships/friendships from coast to coast for which I am thankful for!
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