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Discover One Key Strategy to Achieving eAssist’s Award-Winning Corporate Culture 

How do you identify with your practice culture, or have you given it much thought?

Your company culture is what modern employment applicants are judging you by and determines how long a good employee will stay with your team.  In dental marketing, it is all about attracting and retaining patients, company culture it is all about attracting and keeping the best workers. 

In the last decade or so, the different components of company culture have become an essential factor in attracting the most promising of employees. These components include but are not limited to the mission statement, vision, core values, expectations, ethics, work environment, flexible hours and duties, education, and preventive policies toward bullying and harassment. 

Dentistry has suffered from the revolving door staff turnover averaging about 2 years for decades, much of it do to the lack of a culture that values the worker and supports the team in growth.  If you are thinking a paycheck should be enough, then you aren’t hiring the best people to promote your business.

At eAssist, we add around 20-50 new Success Consultants to our team each month. We’ve spent a decade perfecting the process from application through testing for skills to on-going audits for quality. To join our eAssist Nation, we measure your attitude and your aptitude—because part of our “secret sauce” is protecting our company culture. Even with 600+ independent contractors and around 70 employees, the culture at eAssist feels more like a family than a workplace.

How do we do it? Here’s one strategy that keeps our team ahead of the competition in quality, skillset, and attitude:

Every year, eAssist holds a Summit Conference for all independent contractors and employees.  The purpose is to build on the culture of the company’s core values. And give public recognition of the efforts of those that show above and beyond their strengths to help the dentist clients of eAssist achieve success. 

The mission of eAssist is “Peace of Mind.”  This peace of mind is for their clients because they get the insurance claims paid to free the doctors of the negativity of chasing down money rightfully owed to them.  The “Peace of Mind” flows down to their patients who, when the insurance claims are paid, know they don’t have to feel the pain in their pocketbook. When the doctors and the patients are happy, eAssist has peace of mind too.

A component of eAssist’s core values is from the lessons of Stephen R. Covey’s, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  The message is universal and though written more than 25 years ago is relevant even more so in today’s challenging world. 

eAssist Summit 2019 

My flight was late getting in, and I missed the first part of Thursday’s Summit opening events.  When I walked into the reception area that evening, the air was literally crackling with anticipation for the next three days events. There were 170 of us or so converging on the University Park Marriott in Salt Lake City, Utah for eAssists’ Summit 2019.  We played ice breaker games and finished the night with photos and roasting marshmallows for smores over real flames. It was a great time connecting, sharing and laughing.

The names of some great industry speakers such as Lois Banta and David Harris jumped out from our agenda programs.  The anticipation to hear their words brought tremendous energy to the room that was palpable.  

Friday night at the Hogle Zoo for the annual awards dinner.

Friday night at the Zoo was as hot as the African tundra, and it was tempting to take the plunge with the Polar bears as they dove for watermelon in the freezing water. There was a constant flow of ice water and lemonade as we found the shade and visited as we anticipated the yummy dinner buffet style.  It was fun and memorable. Having giraffes, zebras and polar bears nearby was exciting.

Saturday morning we all trickled in for breakfast and to see the 8:00 a.m. talk of David Harris of Prosperident (Dental Fraud Investigator).  His “wall of shame” pictures of the nailed and jailed embezzlers lit up the screen to the soundtrack of Donna Summer’s hit tune, “She works hard for the money.”  Hilarious!

The consensus was that the Summit was a huge success as witnessed by some comments from eAssist’s Facebook page:

2019 Summit was awesome!! I thank God for Dr. Anderson’s mastermind! To have the pleasure of doing what I love, serving others and solidify bonds has me one a high that can’t be explained. I was a true pleasure seeing every one of you❣️Vernice Ramona

Summit was SO awesome! I met so many wonderful fellow eAssisters and speakers. So glad as a first-year eAssister I made the decision to come to Summit! I am a Summit lifer now for sure! If you have never gone before you REALLY need to make this happen next year!!! #eAssistSummit2019. Alicia LaBeau

 “The single most important investment we can ever make in life is an investment in ourselves, in the only instrument we have with which to deal with life and to contribute. We are the instruments of our own performance, and to be effective, we need to recognize the importance of taking time regularly to sharpen the saw.” The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey

The 2019 eAssist Summit was indeed an exercise to sharpen our saws to live our principles to the fullest and to build the eAssist culture of excellence.

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #142


  • Thank you. It’s good to know, as a client, what’s happening behind the eAssist scenes. Our eAssist staff is SO wonderful, it’s clear you all are doing something right!!

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