eAssist Spotlight- Eileen Taverna

Eileen Taverna has been a part of eAssist since November of 2017. She loves working in the dental billing field because it allows her to work the same job, but it’s not always the same thing. She learns something new every day, and enjoys the success of getting claims paid! Eileen applied to be an eAssist contractor because she loved dental billing and claims and enjoys it even more now, having many different offices. She says, “It never gets boring!”

Eileen’s favorite aspect of her job is being able to accomplish so much in one day, where in an office, she might not always be able to focus on the task at hand. She feels that she gets so much more work done from her home desk! An interesting fact about Eileen is that she and her husband are big motorcycle enthusiasts. She has traveled to 10 different countries, 6 of them on a motorcycle! She rode through Germany during Oktoberfest and also got to go through Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Traveling and experiencing different cultures is a very big part of what she loves to do. She is going to Paris and on a tour from Rome to Catania in October!

Eileen’s Kaizen Coach Tara, said this about her, “Eileen is always looking out for her offices and truly has their best interest at heart. She never hesitates to help the other members on her team. She is a great communicator and such a fun, happy person to be around!”

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #130


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