eAssist Spotlight- Leann Kern

Leann has been in the dentistry field for…. “I will give you a hint. Before we used a computer!” She first heard about eAssist from a person that was already working with eAssist. They were speaking about their careers with hers being very similar to Leann’s, however she was able to do it from home! Until then she had never thought there was a possibility to do what she is passionate about from her home. After a week of thinking about it and remaining very intrigued she called her friend back to inquire how she could make this happen for her.

Leann has been with eAssist over four years now and she says that her life is the most enjoyable and fulfilling that it has ever been. She has developed a new passion for the services that she is able to provide. Leann says, “I’ve always found great enjoyment in being able to pursue the most insurance benefits possible for the office and patients and now working with eAssist there is no office drama, no long hours with interruptions and great resources which allow be to maximize my time and focus on this critical aspect of practice management. I enjoy the flexibility in my schedule which allows me to spend time with my family, travel with my husband, ride my mountain bike, go for a hike or just play with the dogs and enjoy life. I now know the benefit of living a happy and healthy life, and how important your career choice effects this. If you had not guessed it, I LOVE WORKING FOR EASSIST!”

An interesting fact about Leann is that she has been married 27 years and the summer before they were married, her husband taught her to mountain bike. This was their true test of love. It is one of her many passions and when they had their daughter, she was on her own mountain bike at 4 years old. Over the past four years she has discovered a few more things to add to the list- hiking, snowshoeing, and traveling.

Cynthia, Leann’s Regional Manager, says this about Leann. “Leann works diligently for her offices and leads her teams by example. When necessary, she coaches her AMs and encourages them to focus on customer service, and to always be aware of the perception our offices have of us, to put our best forward to maintain the eAssist reputation we have worked so hard to build.”

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #124


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