eAssist Spotlight- Natalie Hare

Natalie Jordan has been with eAssist for 14 months. She always had a dream of being in the nursing field, but absolutely hated school, so she knew that wasn’t an option for herself. Natalie’s sister was a dental assistant at her childhood dental office and helped Natalie to get a job filing charts at 16 years old. Natalie knew she didn’t want to be in the clinical department but enjoyed being in the office. She was lucky enough to have an office manager that was willing to train her and really help get her where she wanted to be. 12 years later Natalie has accomplished so many personal and work goals and couldn’t imagine leaving the dental field! Natalie applied with eAssist because she was driving 35 miles one way to work and was in the process of moving, which would add up to almost 60 miles one way. There were no offices within an hour of her that were hiring. And any further than that would have made her crazy!

Natalie had heard of eAssist through a periodontist that worked in one of her old offices. She went online one night to apply and never looked back, her best decision ever! Her favorite aspects of working with eAssist include working from the comfort of her own home and having a flexible schedule to spend time with her nieces and family, all while doing what she loves! Natalie truly feels like being able to spend more time with her loved ones has made her a better person, along with the eAssist network. She can honestly say that she learns something new every day and can always get help with anything she needs.

She says, “It’s such a wonderful feeling to know I’m not alone.” Natalie recently got married in August! Football season is her favorite time of the year and she usually spends every weekend in Athens, Georgia cheering on the Bulldogs! Natalie doesn’t have any children right now, but has 3 fur babies that she loves so much! Kristen, a fellow eAssister, says this about Natalie, “She is very knowledgeable, never makes mistakes, and her clients and Doctors absolutely love her!”


Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #126


  • Way to go Natalie! I’m also in Georgia, was married in January, moved, have two fur babies! Thanks for sharing your story!

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