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Jaycee Brown

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eAssist Spotlight- Trina McNeal

Trina McNeal has been with eAssist since December of 2018. She absolutely loves the challenge that dental billing presents, as she loves solving puzzles. Trina says, “The challenges of insurance billing, especially for offices that struggle with staffing issues, coding, lack of information, are what I love. Jumping in with a great team and trying to solve the equation is exciting and fascinating.” She originally became an eAssist contractor after she moved across the country to be closer to her family. Trina wanted the freedom to be able to help her family and no longer deal with some of the challenges that being in-office presented, all while staying in the field she loves. Her favorite aspect of eAssist is not just one, but many. She can work without interruption, has a network of priceless knowledge at her disposable, and works with wonderful people. Trina’s KC Cynthia has great things to say about her. “Trina McNeal is a new eAssister who has shown a real willingness to be self-sufficient, a real go-getter. Equally impressive is that she is willing to ask questions and ask for clarification. Confident but willing to learn, is an awesome combination!  And already willing to help others, too. I think we all need to know more about Trina.” An interesting fact about Trina is she has been happily married for 28 years, has 5 children and 3 grandchildren. 

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #140


  • Love this Lady !
    And, proud I picked her as AM for her 1st office.
    YOU GO GIRL !!!

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