Email is not for sensitive issues!

Many times, I have heard of people breaking up with significant others via their personal email.  While this may avert a dismal emotional scene, it is still not the way to convey caring and sincere feelings towards the one who is getting “dumped”.

The same is true of a sympathy communication to someone who has experienced a loss.  A handwritten condolence card is more personal and comforting to receive than an email in the inbox sandwiched between an email blast for eHarmony dating or Discount tires 2 for one sale.

Thanking someone via email is sufficient but if they really pulled you out of a tight situation, a formal handwritten thank-you card is in order.

Situations where it pays to email and send a letter or card is job interviews.  Interviewers expect to hear from you within 24 hours so the email followed by the special card covering the key points of the interview and reminding the interviewer of what positive attributes you can bring to the position and the company is proper protocol.

The “Golden Rule” usually always works if you think of how you would prefer to be treated by others whether friend, relative or colleague, it is always with respect.



  • I completely agree Jaycee! Taking the time to add a personal touch can make a world of difference not only in a personal relationship but also a business relationship. No one will ever dismiss a sincere approach to make a personal connection. Thank you for reminding us all of this!

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