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Finding a Dental Billing and Coding Career

Dental coding as a career

If you’ve thought about dental billing or coding as a career, there’s no better time to get serious about finding jobs that fit your experience and apply your skills. However, you may have some initial questions about fully committing to a coding job:

Is dental coding the same as medical coding?

The main difference between medical coding and dental coding are the types of processing codes that are used on insurance EOBs. In medical, these are known as Current Procedural Terminology (CPT). In the dental space, they are Current Dental Terminology (CDT). Both coding types recommend that you have a basic knowledge of relevant procedures, along with any cross coding. Some insurance companies require medical cross codes for some dental services.

How do you become a dental coder?

You should obtain a dental coding or billing certification to get your foot in through the door at most reputable companies. There are three main points that your hiring manager will be looking for when you apply:

  • General education and certifications 
  • Relevant job experience (this may include a practical coding test)
  • Ability to work independently

Can I work at home as a dental coder?

The biggest benefit of becoming a dental coder is that you can work from home on your schedule. This is also a potential drawback for those who are unable to set regular hours, and there’s no time to catch up when your work is unfinished. Staying motivated often means settling into a routine that works around the rest of your life, and being able to commit to it each day.

The benefits of continuing education in dental coding

Many certifications and continuing education credit types exist for those in the dental coding space. As coding types and processes change, it’s important to stay up to date with new procedures. In doing so, you’ve given yourself marketable skills that will help you work your way up in the dental coding space. Keeping your skills and education relevant means a more fulfilling career no matter where your path takes you. 


  • I do not have any experience with coding or the dental field, but I am a very fast learner. I am very familiar with computers in general.

    • Lindsey, we are excited to hear about your interest in a dental billing career. Please visit our website at https://eassistcareers.com for more information!

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