Growing Your Dental Business Organically

Opening and maintaining a dental practice is incredibly difficult. There isn’t a singular component that guarantees success, but being mindful of industry changes and branding your services are some steps you can take in order to best combat the traditional rigors of business management. By making use of both new and traditional marketing methods, you can get the word out for your practice to the people who will help to make it profitable. 

Your location matters in both real estate and dental practice ownership. Are you in a smaller town with fewer dental care options, or a bigger one that’s inundated with them? Each of these situations is unique and requires a specialized plan for marketing the business professionally and to the proper demographic. Certain strategies, like mailing service forms or advertisements, might not work in a bigger city, but can spark interest in your company in smaller ones. Word-of-mouth has traditionally been the best way for new and old dental companies to get new patients through the door. Cultivate friendly relationships with your clients, and encourage your hygienists to ask about their family, vacation, or new pet. Make sure they know their patient’s name, and their personal quirks or expectations about their visit. By treating everyone as valued by an approachable staff, they’ll never want to stop talking about their visit. 

When you’re a local dental practice with an emphasis on community and family, you can grow your business and give back at the same time. Charity and sponsorship activities allow you to align your personal values with your business ones, and people take notice of how active you are in managing the two. If you sponsor a school’s educational field trip, offer free checkups or cleanings to new patients, word will spread about the benefits of trying your dental services. Encourage this same charitable enthusiasm in your employees and patients, and create a culture of giving to one another, whether that’s work or personal support. Having a supportive, passionate network of customers and employees is key to your success. There’s nothing more “organic” than allowing yourself to grow with those closest to you: your patients of the past, present, and future.


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