Marcie’s Mindfulness Moment | 7 Habits of a Mindful Leader

I have spent much of this quarter researching what makes an effective, Mindful Leader and what skills one must possess to achieve this state.  My investigation has consisted of observation, simply paying attention to others’ leadership skills, and noticing what resonates with me on a personal level.  I’ve read books, listened to podcasts, and even paid to hear speakers on various aspects of mindfulness. I’ve interviewed leaders in my surrounding circles that I have deep respect for and inquired about their techniques, strategies, and ideas of mindful leadership.  My exploration has also included a review of Steven Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a fundamental resource that eAssist culture strives to put into practice.  It turns out that many fundamentals of Mindful Leaders align with Covey’s concepts written decades ago.

The greatest commonality I have found amongst Mindful Leaders is that they are in integrity with their own self.  They take care of themselves first to make sure they’re grounded and at their best to help others (Habit #1—Be Proactive).  Mindful Leaders have the ability to coach and lead their teams to the desired result in a gentle manner- empowering them with encouragement and guidance (Habit #2– Begin with the End in Mind).  Their perspectives stem from an internal awareness and the ability to provide empathy to others (Habit #3—Put First Things First). They are conscious of the culture and community that they create and strive to make others feel comfortable (Habit #4– Think Win/Win).  Mindful Leaders have a deep understanding and a great tool box of methods and strategies of Seeking First to Understand, Then to Be Understood (Habit #5). They have an innate ability to involve their teams in the solution (Habit #6–Synergize). Mindful Leaders practice their own mindfulness routine whether it be yoga, meditation, prayer, quiet time, or journaling (Habit #7– Sharpen the Saw).  

Enhancing our ability to bring mindfulness into our leadership skills can help all of those that are within our reach.  Our families and friends, team mates, patients, and passers by—our leadership style resonates an energy that is palpable.  If you’re desiring a more mindful approach to add to your wheel house, I hope that some of these observations will be helpful to you on your journey.  Be well.

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