Marcie’s Mindfulness Moment | What Can You Outsource In Your Life?

I have recently been reflecting about how many lives eAssist has changed with our ability to provide Peace of Mind to our clients by outsourcing their billing needs.  As a single mom who is perpetually juggling my work life balance, I started day dreaming up a wish list of things that I would love to outsource (provided I had an unlimited budget), then quickly realized that we have many of them already at our fingertips.  

I have weighed the cost benefits and return on investment of many of my domestic duties, and it makes sense to me to enlist some help to be able to tackle some of my obligations.  We have long been blessed with in home cleaning services and now they’ll even come to your house to wash your vehicles and to groom your pets. I have affectionately named my robotic vacuum, my “boyfriend” because I really love it so much as it allows me to maintain the cleanliness of the house in between visits from my housekeepers— and I clearly don’t get out enough! 

I absolutely must rely on my trusted and beloved kid sitter who also functions as a driver, dinner maker, movie taker, shopper, playmate, errand runner, and often a listening ear!  Lucky for me, my sister and I cohabitate, and she’s like a second mother to my kiddo; she just so happens to be an elementary school teacher too! I wouldn’t be able to make half of the commitments in my life without her help- outsourcing true parenting might just be the way of the future!  

Grocery delivery service has helped us to meal plan, eat healthier, and save money as we resist those impulse buys.  We have a lot of food allergies, so our diet doesn’t fall into the meal prep services, but that is a great option to help save time.  I am an autoship customer of Amazon and and recently discovered that Costco will deliver to my house! Since I work from home, I don’t need to dress up often for work, but if I did I would definitely look into stitchfix and other clothes buying or rental services. 

My kiddo is old enough now to help with the dishwasher and taking out the trash; it’s a great way to teach him about money and responsibility, not to mention that his wages are very affordable!  I’m excited to add laundry to his repertoire soon. Here is where my wish list item comes in– I’d really LOVE to hire someone to put away the laundry. Am I the only one out there that has no problem with sorting and washing the laundry, but when it comes to putting it away…ugh, I let it sit for at least a week before it returns to it’s rightful place?  I am struggling with shelling out the money for this task as it seems extravagant, and I think I may need to give it a second look, price it out and evaluate the pros and cons of the effect on my sanity.

Health and self care options can come directly to you as well.  Massage therapists, aestheticians, and personal trainers take the excuse of not having the extra time to go to the destination out of the equation so you can be your best self!  There are some hair stylists that will also travel to you, as well as organizers and personal shoppers. You can hire a personal assistant that will work virtually to help get tasks done.  A handy-person can be brought to your house via app to help with your “honey-do list”. You can obtain a physician appointment by phone once you’re an established patient, freeing up wait and travel times.

As our technology has evolved and life gets faster paced, so many tasks can be outsourced to an expert.  Someone that focuses on a particular specialty and does it so well that it just doesn’t make sense to attempt to do it on your own.  That’s the essence of eAssist, isn’t it? Why not let us focus on your insurance billing so the friendly faces in your offices can create connections and establish relationships with your patients?  

I’m excited to see what the future holds—perhaps we will have automated dressers that sort, fold, and organize laundry into the appropriate drawers in the not too distant future!  If I just gave you an idea, please reach out as I’m happy to be your test subject and provide valuable feedback!

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #142


  • I wish I could outsource the organization of my home office to someone who really knows me. By the time I explain why I want things placed a certain way, I could have it completed quickly. The rest of my house looks like Mr. Clean and Martha Stewart had a baby to work in my home, not my office! It is The Danger Den!

    Oh well, work in process. Thank you, Marcie, for your insight! I love your articles

  • Great article Marcie! I’m outsourcing more and more. I already buy EVERYTHING online. Have for a long time. Picked up something at Home Depot last night, only because I was going to be right there anyhow, and see they have fast, easy pickup lockers for picking up online purchases in the front of the store out in the foyer area! No more waiting in line, waiting for workers to go get your stuff, etc. Bam, in and out. The maid comes, my neighbor grooms the dog, groceries are delivered. Hmmm, what’s next? lol

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