Overcoming the Fear of Outsourcing Your Billing

You’re not the first person to have fears about outsourcing your dental billing. One of the major causes of stress is feeling like a situation is out of our control, but have you considered the positives? Have you seriously looked into outsourcing your billing? Taking a look at the potential gains you can make with a stellar team will help you realize the profitable benefits of outsourcing.

The dental billing process can be stressful and scary, but losing money due to inefficiency is much worse! You may be surprised to find that it’s not as terrifying as you think it is. Here are the three most important reasons why there is nothing to fear when it comes to outsourcing your dental billing:


1. Outsourcing your billing does not mean you will have to make layoffs.

If outsourcing your billing scares you because you are afraid you will have to let someone on your staff go, you don’t need to worry. Outsourcing your billing will actually help lighten the workload for your staff. Dental billing codes can be complex and ever-changing. Why not entrust that expertise to individuals that live and breathe contemporary dental billing? Your outsourced team doesn’t replace your office but serves as an extension of it.

Your staff will finally be able to focus on customer service and providing an exceptional experience for your patients, not learning new codes and complexities in the software. That way your retention stays high and your receivables stay low.


2. Your money will never be handled by someone else.

Your office staff still takes care of mail, collects all payments, and makes all deposits so that you are always the one handling your money. Avoid embezzlement knowing that every cent is accounted for and documented on every account, and that you are able to communicate 24/7 about any concerns.


3. When you outsource your billing there is complete transparency.

How does dental billing work? With full transparency and accountability.

You might worry that handing over your dental insurance billing to someone outside your practice will take you completely out of the loop. In reality, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. When you outsource, daily, weekly, and monthly reports are kept of all the progress that is made. This means that denied and unpaid claims, and patient accounts receivables will not only be handled promptly but also be recorded for you to personally view.

If you are still fearful of outsourcing your billing try researching remote dental billing companies that specialize in such services. eAssist is consistently voted the nation’s #1 Dental Billing Company, as well as winning multiple, consecutive Inc 500/5000 awards. We allow for full transparency, helping to lighten the load of office staff, and bringing your overall collections ratio higher. We are a trustworthy, accredited company created by dentists for dentists, with profit for your practice in mind.


You can learn more about eAssist and how they make outsourcing your billing a peaceful, stress-free process at dentalbilling.com.


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