“A personal billing line for your practice.”

What is the first thing patients say when you call them about an overdue payment?

“Why do I owe that?  I paid and so did my insurance?”

You cannot answer this honestly unless you have audited the ledger for accuracy and have verified the account balance and where the balance came from.   According to Office Managers, ledger audits can take several minutes to complete. If the account has several family members and dental or medical insurance has been billed it makes for a detailed task to decipher.  Compound that if there is a secondary policy involved. Clarifying that each claim has paid and that the payments were credited to the correct patient along with adjustments, takes concentration and minimal interruptions.

Too often the Office Manager or business staff are focused on getting the billing off their desk and the claims submitted, but have little time to follow up on receivables, analyze the practice’s financial performance, and improve collections.

Monitoring overall performance requires consistently reviewing month-end reports and analyzing collection performance.  This monitoring and analysis are often not done to satisfaction.

eAssist can take the time consuming, detailed and frustrating work of posting insurance payments and verifying ledger balances to ensure they are completed correctly.

Insurance companies often request unnecessary adjustments. Because eAssist billers understand what yours is rightfully, “we do all we can to make sure you get it.” Your over 90 day insurance accounts receivables will always be at a minimum.



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