Scripting for Better Communication

“The difference between life and the movies is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn’t.” –Joseph L. Mankiewicz

What are scripts?

Imagine attending a play at the theatre when no one has rehearsed or learned the lines of the play.   Unless you are watching people with great skills at impromptu the “play” would have no plot, characters would amble on without purpose or meaning.   When your staff doesn’t know what to say to patients there is a huge disconnect in meaning and intent.

Scripting is putting carefully chosen thoughts to words before you speak them.  Scripting responses to common occurrences in businesses builds great, positive communication in customer service and sales to patients and clients.  Scripting also builds your brand and establishes your business as professional and knowledgeable.

Why do you need scripts?

Scripting puts the entire team on the same page so that great patient/customer care can be standardized and then improved as needed.

Scripting is not meant to be a crutch for considerate thought but used as a tool to understand the components of excellent positive communication exchange.   Writing what you are going to say to ensure that you are going to deliver your intended message will ensure communication success.

Scripting is commonly used in the training programs of most fortune 500 businesses today especially when creating whiteboard animation training videos.

Think, write, and polish before you speak using professional scripted responses.

Want to learn to script responses to the some of the most difficult situations that arise in the dental practice watch for more blogging on this subject in the future or give me a question in the comment section and I will help you.


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