Software Tip: DentiMax

DentiMax has a video worth viewing to see important information necessary to create the profitable practice by understanding production reports.  The url

The Insurance Utilization report helps you analyze what insurance companies pay you so you can decide what insurance contract adjustments to make when you look to renegotiate with that company on an annual basis.

Not all companies will renegotiate with you, but it’s good to know which insurance companies pay the most. Take the time to review this report at least once a year to make sure you are conscious of those details for when opportunities to renegotiate your rates arise, or when deciding to opt-in or opt-out of different plans.

Production Totals by Provider:  You can run this report anytime you want to have a look at where your money comes from. The Production Totals report will show you in the date range specified, how many of each procedure the provider completed, the allotted procedure time, and how much potential revenue each procedure generated. You can, of course, run this year-by-year to compare.

You may feel surprised from these results as for as what you spend your time on, or where your practice revenue comes from.

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #119


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