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Jaycee Brown

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The Perfect Holiday Themed Marketing Campaign for your Dental Practice

Men do dumb things to impress girls. It’s a fact that is probably as old as mankind itself. Can’t you just imagine cavemen doing incredibly stupid things to get the attention of their fellow cavewomen? We’ve all done it right? I can’t be the only. I mean even to this day I still do dumb stuff that I think will impress my wife and she’s already stuck with me! Before I met her though, I had a long list of unsuccessful attempts at impressing girls by dong stupid things. My biggest one however took place during my second semester of college. I wasn’t trying to impress a girl per se, as much as I was trying to get the attention of a girl.
At age 19, I thought I had fallen in love with a co-worker. Even though I’d practically never spoke to her, I thought she was quite a catch. Well, I heard through the grape vine at work about what classes she’d be taking next spring semester. I had the hair-brained idea to drop a class and add one that she was taking. The idea was that the more times she got to see me the more likely I’d get her attention. So yeah, I dropped a class I needed for a class that wasn’t in my field of study. So what if I paid like $1,000 for that class too. I was getting the exposure I needed to catch the attention of the girl of my dreams. It seemed worth it at the time, for like 3 weeks at least or about the amount of time it took for me to find out that she already had a boyfriend.
Whether you’re paying $1,000 for a class you don’t need just to sit next to the girl of your dreams or you’re paying millions for T.V. commercials during the big game, marketing is expensive. That’s why as a dentist you’ve got to get exposure anyway that you can.
Take New Jersey dentist Wayne Gangi for example. Instead of sending out traditional mailers or running social media campaigns, Gangi took a new approach to getting exposure for his dental practice by getting into the holiday spirit. For 2019’s Easter holiday, Gangi decided to decorate the front of his office with bunnies. No, not bunny rabbits. Mannequins dressed like bunnies, the Hugh Hefner type.
This type of display is rather odd for any business that doesn’t sell lingerie, but it seems extraordinarily bizarre for a dental office. Scantily dressed mannequins have nothing to do with Easter, or dental work for that matter. But, I guess in marketing it doesn’t have to make sense, just as long as you’re getting exposure, garnering interest, and growing business.  
Judging by the newspaper stories, website articles, and this blog it seems to be giving Gangi and his office the exposure he was hoping for. But as we learned above with my failed attempt at love, exposure doesn’t always mean success. Sometimes exposure just leaves you looking like an ass with lingerie mannequins outside your dental office, or in my case, a $1,000 bill for a class I didn’t even need.
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