Who do you call for HELP?

When the best dental software and the experienced business staff aren’t enough to get the jobs done, who do you talk to?  Thoughts of hiring someone else to do the job or thoughts of hiring another person to help the person who is supposed to being doing the job go through your mind. You have one of the top rated software programs available.  It will do everything to manage patient and clinical data so you were told, however it won’t do it by itself.

If your business staff is busy with the everyday patient and phone control at the desk it leaves very little time to call unpaid accounts, follow-up on unpaid dental claims and the stack of dental claims needing appeals is aging to the statute of payment limitation.  Often the eligibility of patients with insurance is not verified before they come for their appointment making it a gamble as to whether you are paid or not. You can write it off and stop the stress but why are you working so hard to give it away?

Who do you call?


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