Word from the CEO- Practice Pain Free

By James V. Anderson, DMD

Why did you become a dentist?  I remember being asked a similar question by the interviewers at the various dental schools I applied to almost twenty years ago.  “Because I love people and want to help relieve their pain,” I said.  Little did I realize that the practice of dentistry would be so painful for me!  Our backs hurt, our minds hurt, and sometimes even our feelings get hurt–especially when trying to figure out ways to keep staff motivated and disciplined.


eAssist Dental Billing was built to relieve a little bit of the pain that all dentists experience when juggling the practice of dentistry with the management of our businesses.  I saw my receivables climb higher and higher after losing my star performing office manager.  No matter who I hired, my receivables climbed higher and higher!  I looked for an accounting firm or a collection firm to help me fix this–but I couldn’t find anyone offering the right “cure” for this painful problem.


The inspiration to start eAssist was born.  The premonition was–what if I could create a firm to handle all EOB posting, insurance claim submission with necessary narratives, radiographs, etc and be responsible for follow up of all insurance accounts receivables?  Would this free up my staff’s time to focus on keeping the schedule full, presenting treatment plans, and collecting money from patients at the time of service?  Would I make more money even after paying this firm’s fee because my practice would collect more with this new focus?  After six years of business doing this, the answer is a resounding YES!  Not only does this division of labor allow you to collect more, but you know for certainty that the most important component of your dental practice–the receipt of insurance payments–is never again neglected.


We love eAssist.  There are many passionate office managers all over this country that feel that same way.  We hope you will come to love us too.  It is our hope that this monthly newsletter will provide insightful and relevant knowledge for all members of your dental team as we go about making the practice of dentistry pain free together.

eAssist Helpful News and Billing Tips; Edition #101


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