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Jaycee Brown

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eAssist Spotlight- Audrey Toponce

Audrey Toponce has been with eAssist for about 2 years. There are several things about the dental field that interest her, but what she loves most about is fighting the fight for patients and their insurance benefits. Even better, she can fight for hard working doctors to be paid what they deserve.

Audrey originally applied to be an eAssist contractor when her family moved 2 years ago. She had been in an office working full time, her role ranging from office manager to dental assistant. When she found out they were moving a few hours away from her office, she knew she would need to find a new job. And that job was eAssist!

When we asked Audrey what her favorite aspect of eAssist is, she says, “Living where I currently live, we are far outside of town and working in a dental office was no longer practical for me. My husband is a commercial fisherman and he is gone a lot so I need to be close and available to take my daughter to school as well as her other activities. I love the freedom and schedule flexibility that eAssist offers. It also gave me back precious family time. That, to me, is invaluable. It also doesn’t hurt that the girls on my teams are not just co-workers. They have quickly become friends and I feel like the bond and relationships we have established are truly amazing. There is a great camaraderie amongst eAssisters.”

Audrey’s TL Jackie sings praises about her. She mentioned difficult situations that Audrey has been put in to, yet risen above and impressed her clients. An interesting fact about her is that she is a huge dog lover. At home, she has 3 dogs and a 4th undergoing training. If she sees a stray on the street, she is the first person ready to save them. She says, “People say how nice I am to help the dogs, but I think it is really them who help me. They warm my heart and love unconditionally and they all deserve a chance to have a loving home. My dogs are by far my most favorite coworkers ever!”

Dental Billing Tips and News for Pros; Edition #142


  • Audrey is the greatest person I have ever met! Audrey has the biggest heart ♥️ hard working and always has a smile for you no matter if she’s having a bad day! I miss working with Audrey! (Barbie)

  • I, Audrey’s mother am so proud of the beautiful woman she has grown up to be. she has always far exceeded any challenges given her personally as well as professionally.

  • I was one of those lucky employers of this lovely young woman. She was there as I started my career and taught me all about claims and fighting the good fight for our patients. Whomever has her as their consultant is pretty darn lucky!

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