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Amanda Cross

Marketing Manager

eAssist Spotlight – Chelsea Lafuente

  1. How long have you been with eAssist?

    I started with eAssist late Feb of  this year, so 8 almost 9 months.

  2. What interests you about the dental billing field?

    EVERYTHING, I find all aspects of dental billing challenging, rewarding and fun.

  3. Why did you apply to be an eAssist contractor?

    A previous employer had told me about eAssist and the amazing things the company was doing for their practice, and I should look into it. So of course I did……BEST DECISION EVER!!!! I initially had no intentions of being full time, BUT as we all know this year  has NOT  gone the way any of us  “thought” it would.  And what a blessing in disguise this company has been for my family. I lost my office job late February and was still working on my vetting for eAssist, I went home that day and finished it up and early the following week I had my first office with eAssist. I really did not know what to expect and had always had a full time job. I was still actively looking for a job outside of eAssist.  Then Covid hit and it seemed that everything in the dental field was shutting down, BUT NOT eAssist,  my business blew up! I got to spend so much time with my family none of us had been together that much ever, it was so amazing. Then in July my oldest son died unexpectedly and this as you can imagine was devastating, the outpouring of love from my fellow eAssisters was amazing. I am still in awe over it.  

  4. What is your favorite aspect of your position with eAssist?

    Short answer… Pajama day at work EVERYDAY! There really are too many to list. The community of like minded peers who are always willing to help, teach and listen. Being able to help offices that are sinking with insurance issues and turning that around for them so they no longer have to fret and worry about how they are going to do it all. It is so amazing to wake up and go to work and know that I  will learn something new today and that I have the best support system ever.

  5. One interesting fact about yourself?

    I live on a pecan farm and got to experience my first harvest recently. I had no idea how pecans got from the tree to a pie.


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